Satay Lilit


Thank you to PRIMO Magazine in Belgium for featuring us on their monthly magazine. It was a pleasure hosting actress Martine Jonckheere and her husband Filip to Jabunami Villa in October 2014. We are pleased to share the recipe of our Satay Lilit Bali.



250         gr              Shrimp (clean and deveined)

250         gr              Flesh snapper fillet or mackerel

50            gr              Desiccated coconut

5 or 6     pcs          Kaffir lime leaves (thinly sliced)

2               tbsp.      Palm sugar (gula jawa)
Fresh lemon grass or alternatively bamboo skewers may be used.


Processed Ingredients

8 pcs shallots

2 pcs garlic

2 cm galangal or blue ginger

2 cm kencur or lesser galangal

1 tsp coriander seeds

1 cm fresh turmeric


Mince all ingredients until they turn into a smooth paste.


Mix both fish and shrimp in food processor until smooth.
Mix in desiccated coconut.

Add 3 table spoons of thick coconut milk.

Add processed ingredients and mix well.

Add salt and sugar to taste.

If the mixture is still too dry, you may add one egg white and a bit of oil.

Shape the mixture on sate sticks or lemongrass stalk, flatten slightly.
Charcoal grill sate until light brown and cooked through

Serve with steamed rice and sambal matah
Bon appétit!

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