Ramadan begins 18th of June and Galungan 15th of July

If you planning a trip over in the next month or so, here is a bit of information that you may need to be aware of… Firstly Ramadan starts on the 18th June. Many local Muslim traders, start to head home to the mainland. Galungan is on the 15th July and runs for 10 days. Galungan is a most important ceremony for the Balinese people who will welcome the arrival of all the good spirits with prayers, offerings and ceremonies. So many Balinese will go to their villages to join their families. On July 18th, it is the end of Ramadan and Idul Fitri, where the Muslim celebrate with their families for 3 days. For the Western tourists, this means, quite a few shops and businesses will be closed at some stage or another.

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