Nyepi Day – a day of contemplation

Nyepi Day
Nyepi Day. The one day in the abundant Balinese religious calendar that both amazes and confuses their western friends. A day of quiet and contemplation, not something that come easily to most of us tin this busy technological world!!
We are asked often about what to expect on Nyepi day as a tourist, and the answer is pretty simple… not much! You are required to stay within the grounds of your hotel from until 6am the following day where you will be cared for as normal (except perhaps if you are staying in a home-stay). It is expected that noise is kept to a minimum out of respect for the occasion. It would be wise to make sure you are stocked up on snacks and entertainment if quiet reflection isn’t your thing!

The airport is closed. The only medical treatment offered is for life threatening cases or those giving birth. The only people allowed on the streets are security. Very little electricity is used and there is to be no lighting of fires.
It is also a very exciting time to be in Bali as it signifies the end of a year and the following day is their equivalent of New Years Day, a time for celebration, and you can expect to see some beautiful parades and ceremonies.
Nyepi is an important time for the Balinese and as guests it is important that we show respect for the occasion.
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