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    Nyepi Religious Day

    Please be informed that Bali Island celebrates Nyepi (Silent) Day each year on below dates. Nyepi day is a day of absolute silence throughout the island. No outdoor activities are allowed including check in and check out from hotels and villas. March 9, 2016 and…
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    Ramadan begins 18th of June and Galungan 15th of July

    If you planning a trip over in the next month or so, here is a bit of information that you may need to be aware of... Firstly Ramadan starts on the 18th June. Many local Muslim traders, start to head home to the mainland. Galungan…
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    Nyepi Day – a day of contemplation

    [su_row] [/su_row] [su_row][su_column size="1/2"]Nyepi Day. The one day in the abundant Balinese religious calendar that both amazes and confuses their western friends. A day of quiet and contemplation, not something that come easily to most of us tin this busy technological world!! We are asked…
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    MELASTI & NYEPI DAY March 21, 2015

    Melasti Ceremony is conducted once a year in conjunction with the big Hindu Holiday called Nyepi Day or silent day. The Melasti event is performed few days before Nyepi day. At the Melasti celebration, all Hindu people in Bali troop to carry the holy symbol…
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